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Spiderman Web Shooter

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Caret Down

A high-tech marvel toy designed to let you unleash your inner super hero 

Sling into Action: Swing through the city with the agility and speed of Spider-Man himself using our state-of-the-art Web Shooter.

Web-Slinging Precision: With this incredible device, you can shoot biodegradable web fluid with precision and control, allowing you to swing from skyscrapers, scale walls, and capture the thrill of being Spider-Man.

Ergonomic Design: Designed for comfort and style, the Web Shooter features an ergonomic grip that fits snugly on your wrist, ensuring hours of fun without discomfort.

Authentic Sound Effects: Experience the sensation of web-slinging with realistic sound effects that activate every time you shoot a web, immersing you in the Spider-Man world.

Hours of Entertainment: Whether you're playing alone or with friends, the Spider-Man Web Shooter provides endless hours of entertainment, letting you recreate your favorite Spider-Man moments .

Code : 90859.

Spiderman Web Shooter
Spiderman Web Shooter


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