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Silicone Door Protector (Set of 3)

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Silicone Door Handle Cover, 3 Pieces Silicone Door Handle Cover, Children's Safety Door Handles, Silicone Protection, Antistatic Silicone Door Knob Cover

  • Door handle cover that effectively protects children and the elderly from injury. It can also reduce static electricity generated by exposed door handles in winter.
  • The suction cup on the back of the cover can be used to vacuum the wall to prevent wobble when opening the door, effectively absorb noise and provide you with a sleeping and office environment.
  • Made of high quality silicone, waterproof, quick drying, not easy to deform after squeezing. Easy installation of most L-shaped door handles. It is safe to use and feels soft and comfortable.
  • The front semi-open design makes installation easy in one minute. You can apply hand cream (grease) to the door handle to reduce the friction of the silicone and make installation more labour-saving.
  • Easy to install, can be used in many places such as nurseries, schools, offices, hospitals and other public places
  • The door handle glove fits perfectly and prevents burns, the coated handle is handy and safe
  • Code : 91179.
Silicone Door Protector (Set of 3)
Silicone Door Protector (Set of 3)


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