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Multifunctional Foam Cleaner 650ML

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Caret Down
Multifunctional Foam Cleaner 650ML : 
  • Powerful multi-purpose foam cleaner
  • Deep cleaning foaming action lifts dirt, helps restore true color
  • Works great on your car’s fabric and vinyl upholstery, floor mats, and carpets
  • Great for auto, boat and home use
  • Works on many washable surfaces including painted walls, fixtures, tile and more.
  • Easy to use, no water required when using
  • Professional strength stain removing
  • Strong spray to remove stains right away
  • Protection layer will be there after spraying
  • No watermarks or residue will be left behind
  • 1 bottle capacity: 650ml
  • Suitable for home and car - able to clean your leather / fabric seats and car doors, or sofas and even shoes!
  • 1 bottle can clean a whole car. It can be used indoor panels, leather seats, flannel roof, footpad, seat belts.
  • It can be used also to your household appliances, computers, bags, even shoes.
  • Note: Just spray directly to the item you want to clean, do not add water to see best results.

Multifunctional Foam Cleaner 650ML
Multifunctional Foam Cleaner 650ML


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