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Mini Camera

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Caret Down

WIFI Mini Camera HD 1080p Wireless Video Recorder Voice Recorder Security Monitoring Camera Smart Home for Infants and Pets.

  • Mini Surveillance Camera with a rigid charging cable and magic base, so when charging while recording, you can manually rotate the recording angle 360 degrees
  • Mini Security Camera has A built-in magnet with a magnetic base to stick anywhere you want
  • Wireless Camera has Night vision, motion detection and alarm push, so You can not only see things in the dark but also capture anybody who is moving in the camera
  • WIFI Camera is mainly made of durable plastic and aluminum alloy material for a long time use
  • Mini Camera With a 150-degree viewing angle provides a wide viewing range in your room, enables you to know every movement happened in your house anytime anywhere
  •  High -quality video recording: A9 small camera provides high-definition 1080P resolution, which can be clearly recorded and detailed.
  •  Wireless connection: You can remotely monitor the camera through WIFI connection and access videos on mobile phones or tablets.
  •  Recording function: In addition to video recording, the A9 small camera also includes a built -in recorder to capture audio evidence.
  • 4. Small compact: A9 small camera is small in size and is very suitable for home security cameras.
  • 5.How to use: Press the ON/OFF button for about 3 seconds to turn on the camera. Find and connect to the WIFI hotspot of the camera in the WLAN settings of the mobile phone. Or, scan the QR code of the camera and connect to your home's 2.4GHz WIFI in the WIFI configuration of the app settings. Watch the live video. If you want to save the video, please format the TF card before using it. Record video files and save them to SD card (SD card not included)
  • Code : 91099
Mini Camera
Mini Camera


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