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K9 Wireless single Microphone For iPhone/Android

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Wireless Connectivity: Get rid of the troubles of wired, plug and play, very convenient. 360° Recording: 360° recording without dead ends, high-density anti-spray sponge, high sensitivity microphone. No dead angle radio, fast response, fine radio, record every detail. 20m barrier-free Connectivity: 20m barrier-free connectivity with more free recording. High-performance microphone, stable connection, easy recording. Smart noise-cancelling with Built in smart chips: Smart noise-cancelling with built-in smart chips, Strong anti-interference ability, clear sound, clear recording even in noisy environment. High-capacity battery: Inner 80mAh battery, work time over 5 hours for single times full battery. Live streaming: Record every moment wonderfully, clear and top-quality sound.

K9 2 in 1 Wireless Microphone
1. 9-microsecond ultra-low latency, 120 m barrier-free reception. It can be used for outdoor live broadcasts and to make/take a small video.
2. No APP needed, plug-and-play, one-click connection, easy to wear.
3. Intelligent noise reduction, long endurance, easy to cope with all kinds of noisy environments, worry-free shooting, meet your needs for a day.
4. 360 full pointing pick up, record every detail of the sound.
5. Small and convenient, it is compatible with various devices, and support mobile phone, tablet, camera, notebook, etc.
6. Two persons can comfortably use this at the same time

-Frequency: 2.4GHz
-Input voltage: DC4.8-5.4V
-Charging port: for Lightning/for Type-C
-Battery capacity: 80mAh
-Transmission Distance: 10 m barrier, 120 m barrier-free
-Microphone size: 62*23 * 28mm
-Microphone weight: 7g
-Receiver size: 45*27 * 7mm
-Receiver weight: 4g

· All iOS and Android systems are suitable for this microphone
· Package includes:
1 x Rechargeable Wireless Microphone
1 x Receiver

  • Code : 91059.
K9 Wireless single Microphone For iPhone/Android
K9 Wireless single Microphone For iPhone/Android
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