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Hand food processor pushing vegetable cooker Manual

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Caret Down
1. Rugged and durable: The stainless steel blade is durable and has high cutting efficiency. The food-grade plastic in the cup does not contain BPA, which can ensure food safety, firmness and no bacteria.
2. Quickly chop: The sharp blade of the garlic cutter can quickly chop garlic, spices, nuts, vegetables, meat, ice cubes, etc., which is very suitable for cutting small pieces of food. You can use it to cook, supplement baby food, smoothie drinks.
3. Easy to clean: Just put the food or ingredients into the mini food processor by hand, close the lid, start with one button, and quickly chop the food. The bowl and blade can be separated for easy cleaning.
4. The perfect kitchen tool for garlic shreds, ginger shreds, fresh chili shreds, peanut shreds, ground meat, pumpkin sauce, etc., is a must-have artifact for food research enthusiasts.

Material: plastic, stainless steel
Size: 1.5L
Code : 90089
Hand food processor pushing vegetable cooker Manual
Hand food processor pushing vegetable cooker Manual


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