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Earphones Kakusiga KSC-144

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KAKUSIGA KSC-144 QINGTINGZHE universal half in-ear earphones with mic Type-C Wholesale Price Headset

Key Specifications/ Special Features:

1. Material: ABS, 1.2m
2. Connector diameter: Type-C, Wire Control
3. Horn: 14mm; Microphone: Mail Controller
4. Huawei's classic headphones, deductive upgrades, listening extraordinary                        5. Our type-c interface headset is analog audio output, if the mobile phone has a digital audio output interface, it is not supported.
At present, the type-c interface of most mobile phones is integrated, but some mobile phones only support digital audio output, and some mobile phones have different interfaces.
Earphones Kakusiga KSC-144
Earphones Kakusiga KSC-144


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