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Double Fan Cooling Game Handle H10

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Caret Down

H10 PUBG Mobile Controller with Double Fan Cooling for iPhone & Android Phone Game Pad Fire with 5000mah Power Bank.

1. Dual fan cooling, high and low adjustable speed, high speed up to 7000 rpm, good cooling effect.
2. Imitated trigger experience, accurate shooting, no fire.
3. Highly sensitive capacitive silicone head, perfect spot shooting and scanning.
4. The spring stretching width is about 64-85mm, and it is automatically clamped, which is suitable for almost all 4.7-6.0inch size mobile phones on the market.
5. The silicone button supports 180 degree flipping without folding the screen.
7. With battery, it is equipped with USB port, which supports temporary charging of mobile phone.

Product model: H10
Product type: Plug-in Fan (USB powered);Upgraded charging (with 5000mAh rechargeable battery)
Material: environmental protection ABS + zinc alloy
Standard version, support cooling time is about 2.5-5 hours
Upgrade version, support cooling time is about 4.5-8 hours
Product size: about 160 * 130 * 50mm/6.29*5.11*1.96''

Double Fan Cooling Game Handle H10
Double Fan Cooling Game Handle H10


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