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Children's Digital Print Camera

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Caret Down


Caret Down

Kids Instant Print Camera Boy Girl Digital Photo Camera with Thermal Print Children's Camera for Photography Birthday Gift Toys

Print + take photo + video + mobile phone connection error print four in one

2.4 "IPS HD screen buttons, Chinese and English available at home and abroad, change ear light

Screen size: 2.4 inches IPS screen

Pixels: 24 megapixel interpolation

Single camera

Shell material: ABS plastic

Print resolution: 203dpi

Printing speed: 40-80mm/s

Printing side: heat sensitive ink - free black and white printing

Cell capacity: 8 0 0 milliampere 7.4V dynamic force

Printing paper: 5 7 X 25 m m if you need to buy the original printing paper

Connected square type: blue tooth no line APP: funprint

Charging: 5V/1A

Printing out the factory standard: main machine + charge cable + explanatory letter + thermal printing paper 3 rolls + lashing rope + packaging box

Individual camera weight: 180g

weight per package: 430g

Product size: 11*10*5cm

Children's Digital Print Camera
Children's Digital Print Camera
Caret Down

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