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Car Vacuum Cleaner XO-CZ001A

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Dirt, food particles, mud, and hair on the seats in your car cause inconvenience to friends, acquaintances, and even you, so solve this problem quickly, without getting tired using the XO CZ001A car vacuum cleaner! Plug it in a cigarette car lighter, and with the fantastic power of 120W and length of 5m, you will reach every corner and clean your car in record time. It comes with 5 sequels: hose, long flat suction, brush, and 2 classic adapters (one longer one shorter).

- XO CZ001A wired vacuum cleaner for car
- Strong suction, copper wire movement
- Wet and dry vacuuming with 360 cyclone degrees
- Automatically adjusts noise and regulates the working temperature
- Easy to maintain - clean filter and dust box with water
- Five sequels: hose, brush, long flat suction, and 2 classic adapters

- Model: CZ001A
- Material: ABS
- Input: 12V
- Power: 120W (max.)
- Power supply: car cigarette lighter
- Cable length: 5m
- Dimensions: 330 x 90 x 90 mm

Car Vacuum Cleaner XO-CZ001A
Car Vacuum Cleaner XO-CZ001A


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