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12pcs Manicure Set And Kit Pedicure

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Caret Down

nail clippers: increased cutting force and special polishing technology to assure clean and easy nail trimming.
There are a large one and a smaller one for different nail sizes.
1 X Toenail clipper: specially designed for trimming hard toenails.
1 X Cuticle trimmer: ideal blade structure and angle for effectively trimming cuticles. Perfect for exfoliation treatment around finger nails.
1 X Tweezer for removing unwanted hair.
1 X Beauty scissors for eyebrow trimming.
1 X Nail file.
1 X Single-edged double-sided push stick.
1 X V-shaped push stick.
1 X Nail cleaner
1 X Acne Needle
1 X Ear pick.
All those 12 tools are gathered in a delicate PU leather case.


Material: Stainless steel + PU leather Tools amount: 12 Weight:220g Case Size: 15.5*8.5*2.5cm 23.62"

12pcs Manicure Set And Kit Pedicure
12pcs Manicure Set And Kit Pedicure


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